Establishment of the Council

Number (M/27)

Date: 2/3/1441 AH

With the help of Allah Almighty

We, Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In accordance with the provisions set forth in Article Seventy of the Basic Law of Governance, as promulgated in Royal Order No. (A/90) dated 27/8/1412 AH;

based on Article Twenty of the Cabinet Lawas issued by Royal Order No. (A/13) dated 3/3/1414 AH;

based on Articles Seventeen and Eighteen of the Shoura Council Law, as promulgated by Royal Order No. (A/91) dated 27/8/1412 AH;

after reviewing the Shoura Council Resolutions No. (239/61) dated 28/2/1440 AH and No. (224/56) dated 19/1/1441 AH;

and after reviewing Cabinet Resolution No. (183) dated 1/3/1441 AH.

We hereby declare and enact the following:

First: The endorsement of the Universities System, along with the appended form, is hereby granted.

Second: The Council of Universities’ Affairs shall commence the exercise of its prescribed duties and authorities, as outlined in the system, effective from the date of its publication in the official gazettes.

Third: The Council of Universities’ Affairs shall designate a maximum of three universities during the initial phase to which the system will be applied once it becomes effective. Subsequently, it will be progressively implemented in other universities, as per the directive of the Prime Minister, based on a recommendation from the Council of Universities Affairs. The Council is obliged to submit a report to the Supreme Authority every two years, presenting the outcomes of the System’s implementation, highlighting any positive aspects and challenges encountered, if any. It is important to note that the current applicable laws and regulations, including the system established by the Council of Higher Education and Universities under Royal Decree No. (M/8) dated 4/6/1414 AH shall continue to be in effect for universities that are not included in the implementation of the system until they are included by it.

Fourth: The Council of Universities’ Affairs assumes the authorities previously held by the now-nullified Higher Education Council, as set forth in the System of the Council of Higher Education and Universities, established by Royal Decree No. (M/8) on 4/6/1414 AH, concerning universities that continue to operate under this System.

Fifth: The universities initially chosen for the initial implementation of the System, as specified in Clause (Third) of this decree, shall be granted a transitional period of one year from the date of the system’s enactment. During this period, the existing university regulations will remain in effect until the Council of Universities’ Affairs establishes financial, administrative, and academic regulations that are in conformity with the System’s provisions. Importantly, this process will not infringe upon the authority of university boards of trustees in overseeing their institutions. If necessary, the Council of Universities’ Affairs may extend this transitional period for these universities, or some of them, provided that such extensions shall not exceed three years beyond the initial one-year transitional period.

Sixth:The personnel of the universities initially designated for the System’s implementation, as outlined in Clause (Third) of this decree, including faculty members and their counterparts, as well as administrative and technical staff currently employed when the system takes effect, will continue to adhere to the existing employment framework governing their roles.
The Council of Universities’ Affairs will present potential choices and requisite actions applicable to these employees, including the potential transfer to the Labor Law, while ensuring their financial entitlements remain unaffected. This proposal will be submitted for the requisite actions to be taken.

Seventh: His Royal Highness Deputy Prime Minister, the ministers, and the heads of the relevant independent entities, each acting within their respective domains, shall execute this decree as outlined.