Opening Statement of the Chairman of the Council

Speech of His Excellency the Minister, Chairman of the Council of Universities Affairs

His Excellency Mr. Yousef bin Abdullah Al-Bunyan

The Saudi Arabia 2030 vision aims to build a dynamic, culturally grounded society rooted in moderate Islam, patriotism, and pride in its history, present, and future, fostering diverse life choices and forging a robust economy founded on varied economic sectors to stimulate entrepreneurship, generate job opportunities for all Saudis, and construct an ambitious nation.

This effort includes a high-performing government known for its effectiveness, transparency, accountability, attention, and focus on digital transformation, ultimately transitioning to a knowledge-based digital economy founded on innovation and creativity.

With these objectives in mind, the Council of Universities’ Affairs is committed to advancing the higher education system and elevating its academic, research, and social influence on local, regional, and international scales.

This is in response to the growing importance of Saudi Arabia’s knowledge economy and knowledge society, as well as the increasing demands of development.

To achieve these goals, we are dedicated to enhancing academic, administrative, and financial performance and establishing regulatory frameworks that empower universities to function competently and efficiently within an effective institutional structure.

Our aim is to address development challenges, cater to the needs of the labor market, and cultivate national talents across all fields.