Secretary-General’s speech

Secretary-General’s speech

The establishment of the website of the General Secretariat of the Council for University Affairs comes in response to the qualitative developments witnessed by the university sector, in which the sector received unprecedented support, culminating in the issuance of the new university system, which enabled universities to move forward in performing their educational, scientific, research and development mission. It also comes in line with the digital transformation that The Kingdom is experiencing this in the field of implementing e-government in its public government sectors.

Since the issuance of Royal Decree No. M/8 dated 6/4/1414 AH approving the system of the Higher Education Council until now, the General Secretariat has gone through three stages of time, a stage in the name of the General Secretariat of the Higher Education Council, during which the Council took more than (1550) decisions, There was a stage in the name of the Interim Committee in Charge of the Higher Education Council, during which the committee took more than (450) decisions, and a third stage in the name of the General Secretariat of the Council for University Affairs, during which the Council has so far taken (230) decisions. During these stages, the Secretariat has supported the councils in their work. And its responsibilities, preparing its studies and providing the necessary information to make its decisions and follow up on their implementation, during which it also contributed to the issuance of legislative, regulatory, administrative and supervisory decisions that contributed to addressing many of the issues facing university education.

Due to the importance of establishing a website for the Council, as this will provide the necessary information to the beneficiaries of the services provided by the Council for University Affairs and its General Secretariat, and facilitate the process of obtaining information from its source in the shortest possible time and with the least effort. We also aim by establishing it to have a permanent and continuous presence on the World Wide Web. Expansion and spread on all browsers and social media.

In conclusion, I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the University Affairs Council and its General Secretariat, in which we have been keen to provide information to those interested and concerned in following up on all news, activities and decisions of the Council, and to communicate with the beneficiaries of our services, and we are happy to listen to their opinions, ideas and constructive and fruitful suggestions, to improve the level of service. provided to them, and we also hope that everyone will continue to interact with the site and learn about the services it provides and benefit from them.

Secretary General of the University Affairs Council

Dr.. Bassam bin Abdullah Al-Bassam